Hello and welcome to SueOnMusic.com, a place where you can experience the world of music education and music business through the eyes of a recent college graduate.

I now have a teaching certificate, a BM in Music Education with a minor in Music Management, and 9 tabs open on my Google Chrome. Each of those tabs represents a job opening and potential future career path. On this blog you won’t hear me complain/blame the economy for the reason of not having a fulltime job. (However, you might hear me complain about the lack of motivation I find in some of the college graduates I see today.)

In the past I’ve worked for a leading national non-profit organization in music education called Little Kids Rock. I participated in many major fundraising projects and was able to travel internationally on their behalf. On the flipside, I was also able to use my strong background in education and music theory to help create and implement some of the organization’s curriculum.

I currently have 25 private students whom I adore working with. I teach music history at various Suzuki Institutes across the nation and during my off days when I’m not teaching, I’m gigging.

So back to where we started; the only way I was able to achieve these amazing opportunities was through my combined knowledge of both music worlds. I’ll explain the importance of business in the education side and vice versa. Some posts may just be music business related, or cute/horror stories in my day-to-day teaching life. Or both! I guess you’ll just have to stay in tune (chuckles) and find out.

I am now placed in the unique position where I am passionately devoted to two sides of an industry that I am eager to be apart of. My ultimate goal is to combine these talents in a way that brings together my love for teaching and spreading music, and my interest in the behind-the-scenes business aspect of the industry.

Photo©Erin Galardi | http://rufflesandtrains.com/

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